In Japan imitate pearls were made out of cotton balls. Today the cotton pearls have a revival and are produced again and the benefits of this unique material are exceptional …

August 2014

—   „abuku“ is japanese and means “bubble“  

Story & History

Yoshiko L. K. is a good friend from my childhood in West-Switzerland. She is originally from Japan. She wanted to sell jewelry out of Cotton Pearls and asked me if I would create a few jewelry designs for her his was the beginning of the jewelry collection ABUKU.

The Cotton Pearls consist out of pressed cotton with a refined surface. These pearls are incredibly light so that they get forgotten when wearing them, no matter what size they are. Even if they look fragile these pearls are very robust. Such pearls were invented around the middle of the 19th century in Japan and were popular in France and the USA for the time period of Art Deco. With the course of time they were pushed from the marked by inexpensive plastic beads and slowly the product got forgotten. Today Cotton Pearls have become very popular and prestigious jewelry in Japan again and the production was resumed.


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