Blow Up Light

(in my spare time)

April 2014

“Blow up Light” is a lamp made out of paper. Through the foldings, the lamp can change its shape. When folded the light of the lamp is dimmed, but when the lamp gets blown up it unfolds its self and the light becomes brighter.



Many people know this trick. You take a paper bag, you blow it up and >>Bang!<< it burst with a loud sound. Well not the bursting is interesting to me in this case, but rather the fact that paper can be blown up!

If something attracts and captures the attention of our eyes and keeps us fascinated, then it is a movement. Especially when a movement takes on an unexpected and unpredictable form. The ever brighter light of the lamp underlines this unfolding as it is blown up until the form and light radiate completely.

Paper and the art of origami have a simple beauty and something light but are complex in themselves. By adding air, the complexity unfolds from seemingly simple to a whole new appearance. Only a blow of air suffice to change shape and light. This is where the magic begins.


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