Volo collects old papers like other holders – but then the worst part remains: binding the papers together. The design of this holder allows that the papers are bound together while remaining in the collector.

The form guides in one fluent movement to strap the papers together.

concept design  ·  form finding  ·  spare time
April 2017

Task: Imagine the paper stack would fly … how would you tie it together, spontaneously?
Most of the participants bind it as follows  ↓


Setting goals can help to get further and can make a project more exciting. The way most people bind the newspapers together seemed to me the most natural way to do it. What I wanted it to implement was:

• Binding together in one movement, without lifting and turning the paper stack

• The paper stack should not sag, otherwise it looks messy.

• Simple production: equal &/ few parts as possible

Simple form language, so that it fits in different facilities.





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