MR.Dali - Digital Day - Stella Mühlhaus
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MR.Dali  opening new creative & communicative possibilities

Mixed Reality represents the connection between the real and the virtual world. The integration of real objects gives Mixed Reality a new level of interaction. Thanks to an image recognition algorithm, real objects can be registered and integrated into mixed reality. Due to, the user can attach digital data on any object, such as: notes, markers and drawings. This offers great benefits for various industries, e.g. archeology, the natural sciences or forensics in order to carry out stocktaking on site more efficiently. In addition, the creative industry is given new perspectives.


Sketching in 3D space opens up new creative and communicative possibilities. For example, in the design process, multiple versions can easily be created and compared.

EVENT — Swiss Digital Day – ZHdK

DATE  —  25. – 27.Okt.2018

CATEGORY  —  Mixed Reality

TEAM — Stella Mühlhaus, Manuel Kallen , Micha WeberMarco Ketzel


The exhibition
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